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5 reasons why you should buy a flat in Delhi NCR

In this day when everybody is looking to buy their own property, there are multiple options available in terms of the cities and towns where one might choose to live. Chief amongst them is Delhi NCR i.e. the territory of New Delhi and its surrounding localities like Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad etc.

Its growing to be a blend of industrial and residential area and with almost everything is available at a stone’s throw away. The region is well connected and makes commuting to your work place or that shopping mall really easy. Listed below are reasons as to why you should be looking at flats in Delhi NCR.

5 reasons why you should buy a flat in Delhi NCR

  • Better infrastructure!

It is no surprise that by virtue of being the National Capital Region, this area gets the best of infrastructure. With every government focusing on improving the quality of communications, transport etc. in Delhi NCR, the apartment buyer has nothing to worry about in terms of facilities available.

  • Investment purposes

As mentioned above, the growing infrastructure, increasing urbanization of Delhi NCR is paving the way for more and more investors, both commercial and individual, to look at the region as potential investments. Individual buyers can look at buying a flat in Delhi NCR as a pretty safe investment. Seeing the constant improvement projects that are taking place in the region, selling the flat at a later time will only lead to profits and nothing else.

  • Historical significance

Yes, this is one of the prime reasons why one should consider buying a flat here. This is one region where the past meets the present for a better future. The Mughal, Arab, and Islamic influences are evident in the architecture of some of the monuments here. The Red Fort, Jantar Mantar, Jama Masjid are some of the architectural edifices that can be found here.

  • Soon to be global city

Plans are on to turn Delhi into a global, smart city. With the help of foreign cities like Barcelona, the government is planning to turn Delhi into a global city, of global standards. This will directly impact the quality of living, the quality of jobs, and infrastructure that will be made available in Delhi NCR. Hence, it is a good idea to invest in a flat here right now, so that you can live in a truly global city.

  • Blend of cultures

With the growing job opportunities in Delhi NCR, especially Gurgaon, more and more people from across different states, from different cultures are converging on the region, making Delhi NCR a melting pot of cultures and identities. If you buy a flat here, it would means being amongst people who come from different walks of life and people with different perspectives which make one truly global in their outlook.

So go ahead and look up flats in Delhi NCR as it is the place to be in, be it tomorrow or even way into the future!


Gender Equality in UAE

UAE states are rapidly progressing and have established a credible reputation regarding gender equality and women empowerment on priority basis. It is a well-known fact that only an educated and empowered women can give birth to educated and empowered society. In recent times gender equality has been a major issue with the countries of the world including Muslim countries but time now has changed. Also being an Islamic state it is considered moral and religious of UAE to practice adequate Islamic teaching regarding gender equality. So far UAE has delivered best possible results despite some critical issues. According to Global Gender Gap Report 2014 UAE has near perfect gender equality.The Emirati women are well established and well represented in all echelons of society in 21st century. All their right are protected and backed by the constitution. The appointment of women in elected bodies, provision of education and basic health facilities and proper share in employment opportunities all are practiced perfectly. There are certain aspects which reflect the level of gender equality in UAE, some of which are



Education is basic factor determining the social and economic welfare of society. Like all developed and civilized countries UAE also practices strict rules and regulation regarding education of masses equally including women. Females are enrolled in every sector of education of their choice. The role of the Ruler of UAE is also very vital as he has showed keen personal interest regarding education of women. Higher education for women is also encouraged. Emirati women continue to graduate from universities at higher rate than males. The successful diversification of UAE’s economy would not have be possible without launching education reforms and women have played their vita necessary role in education field in order to play their part in success their country.

Politics and Government


Women also hold notable position in government sector. They are employed according to quota and reserved seats. 4 women hold ministerial position in cabinet whereas 17.5 % women represent elected representative body. Also women are rendering their services in judiciary, as public prosecutors and judges. Government entities like TwoFour54 Media Free Zone, TECOM Business Park and Jebel ALI Free Zone Authority are headed under guidance of women. Women are also working in Law enforcement sector. Overall women constitute 60% work force in public sector which is a remarkable achievement.

Apart from these major issues women have proven their ground in many other fields. They are competing internationally in sports and other unconventional fields.

Health sector has also privileged women in several ways. Many female surgeons and senior doctors are facilitating patients and public.

Women here in UAE are carrying out successful business activities.

However the private sector have neglected the role of women a bit. This might be because of cultural and moral values contradicting with the work environment in private offices.

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