Understanding the General Process of the Cayman Islands Real Estate Investments

The Cayman Islands’ emerging real estate market has investors exploring their options in order to own a piece of paradise. If you have plans in the future to become actively involved in purchasing real estate on the Cayman Islands, it’s important that you become familiar with the general process of going about the transaction.

In Regards to Tax Information

Whether you’re buying real estate in Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, or Cayman Brac, you might be thrilled to hear that there are no taxes on capital gains, income tax, or taxes on profits. Additionally, there are no estates or death duties payable in regards to Cayman Islands real estate. Looking at it from a tax perspective, this is one of the most enthralling benefits for those interested in investing. Without any general real estate taxes to worry about, why wouldn’t you seek out this opportunity?

Going Through the Process

One of the first steps that you’re going to have to take is to write a formal written offer, in standardized format, to initiate the interest in sale. Once it has been accepted, you are required to pay a deposit. Be sure that the property is professionally inspected to pinpoint what areas you’ll need to work on. You will then want to contact a local real estate attorney. They should provide you with further details on how the process will carry along and will assist you with the rest of the legal documents – i.e. Transfer of Land form and property titles.

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